Zombies may not be real, but a ZOMBIE BURGER is !

The Zombie Burger
The Zombie Burger

Massive in size and in it’s flavors as well. A twelve inch burger, yes, A TWELVE INCH BURGER! The Zombie Burger is the signature dish at restaurant Cherry Tomato in South Goa. It’s a delicious treat with various elements of one’s favourite foods thrown together to make the “perfect burger”, but the feeling you get when seeing it being brought to you is not delivered once you start digging into it.  The portions are huge, obviously. Although, the best parts are mostly at the beginning and end.  The filling starts of with multiple strips of heavy bacon and cocktail sausages dressed in a chilli mayo dip and jalapenos to savour the first bite. Then a few slices of juicy, mouth watering ham. And here it comes, the unsatisfactory onion rings drowned in oil that force you to get rid of them before you continue eating. They’re followed by frankfurters and a layer of egg to please you for a while until you make your way to the potato sticks that are distasteful and raw.  They did leave the best for last though, with two beef patties that taste like nothing more than heaven.

The burger is the USP of the restaurant hence has a lot of demand, leaving out the distasteful parts would make it not only the USP of the joint but also the perfect burger and the best burger in Goa.


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