A little bit of Kerala brought to a fine dining restaurant in Goa

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Leda’s, a fine dining restaurant in Colva that has a divine ambience accompanied with live music and a satisfying food feast. It’s known for it’s mouth watering succulent steaks, continental food and tempting desserts. Now, there’s a buzz going around about it’s Chicken Ghee Roast served with Appams, something you’d hardly expect to find and a restaurant like this one. But honestly, the chicken ghee roast is one of the best things I’ve ever had. It’s creamy gravy bursting with flavor and and the tender well cooked chicken is so heavenly that it’s already made its way in my favorite food list. The appams are crisp and really delicious. The chicken ghee roast has a similar taste like butter chicken, but it’s better. Something better than BUTTER CHICKEN? Hard to admit but YES. It’s something you must really try, I’m sure most of you will feel like you’ve taken a short trip to Kerala, or maybe heaven.


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