What, Watson’s ?


Watson’s a fine dining pub imported all the way from Bangalore is located in the capital of Goa, Panaji! Bang in the middle of the city, a pleasant getaway from all that busy traffic. The ambience is very rustic and a chill. Perfect for the Goan crowd, just the way we like it. It’s walls are covered in art and posters that are so unique and intriguing. The lighting is dim and and shady and gives everyone the required privacy they need.

Lighting at Watson's Goa pc - Adrien Menezes

Lighting at Watson’s Goa
pc – Adrien Menezes


Wall Hangings


Wall Hangings pc - tripadvisor.com
pc – tripadvisor.com

They cater more of finger food rather than heavy meals, exactly what pub menus should be like. The food is smothered with spices and flavor. The plating is exquisite and makes you want to dig in real quick. The wings are really delicious and are drizzled in different sauces chosen according to your liking. The prawns are flavorful and tender. The Watson’s non vegetarian platter is also something to get your hands on, it serves mutton, chicken cooked  in different styles. Friday night is Watson’s night for most of the young adults around Goa. Watson’s has itself packed with people everyday and specially during the plenty of events it organizes. If you’re more into pubs than clubs, this is the place to spend your evenings at.


Watson's wings
Watson’s wings
















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