Tranquility along with delicious food, Terry’s has both.

Terry’s is a waterfront restaurant in Betim. It has a gorgeous view of the water and cane chairs to relax on while you stare into the beauty. And during the night the when the whole of panjim city is lit up, the view from terry’s only gets better.

The food is plated well and tastes up to the mark. I went there in excitement to have the steak as I had heard they prepare it really well, which I found to be very true. I particularly liked the beef steak, it was tender and succulent and was seasoned well. I had it with a mushroom sauce which was also really delicious. The other food there is also delectable and they’re very generous with their portions. All in all it’s an interesting venue for a dinner date or even otherwise.

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Non AC section at Terry’s Panjim

Craving for SPICY, MOUTH WATERING seafood ? Head to Seaman’s Nest, Assolna

Crab xec xec at Seaman's Nest Assolna
Crab xec xec at Seaman’s Nest Assolna
Masala fried prawns at Seaman's Nest Assolna
Masala fried prawns at Seaman’s Nest Assolna
Crispy fried lepo at Seaman's Nest Assolna
Crispy fried lepo at Seaman’s Nest Assolna


Seaman’s nest is a shady place usually filled with locals that’s located alongside the river Sal in Assolna. A beautiful and serene view overlooking the river makes for a perfect place to have a restaurant. The only other thing that’s needed is some really good food, that is exactly what Seaman’s Nest serves it’s customers.

They are well known for their Goan seafood, ranging from  crunchy fried lepos, crispy masala fried prawns to spicy, flavorful and lip smacking crab xec xec, they have it all! And it’s all hot, tangy and delish! Most of the people I know and me as well go there to hog on a big bowl of crab xec xec that’s literally covered in a thick masala filled gravy that’s spicy and so so yummy it leaves you licking every bit of your fingers by then end of the very messy journey! You can never get enough of it. seriously. If you LOVE your food to be SPICY like the pure Goan you are, this is the best place to go. The pricing is reasonable, the location is refreshing and the food blows the roof and your taste buds off!

Pizza Mia, a Little Italy in Panaji

Pizza Mia is a little pizzeria on the corner of a building in Miramar. Word going around is that they have the best pizza’s in town, but according to me it’s overrated. It does have good pizzas, but they aren’t “THE BEST”. The place is a small outlet and is quite cozy. Though the concept of self service at a pizzeria wasn’t something I was keen on.  I started off with a serving of garlic knots, which are pieces of bread rolls seasoned with garlic and butter. It was quite a treat. Then a luscious thin crust pizza topped with chicken kheema, that  was greasy and really delicious. The topping as well as the crust was well prepared and smoky. Overall it was a pleasant experience, I really liked the pizza and will definitely go back for more.

Chicken kheema pizza at Pizza Mia panaji
Chicken kheema pizza at Pizza Mia panaji
Garlic knots at Pizza Mia
Garlic knots at Pizza Mia

Binge bites at Papai’s

The best place to go when one needs to binge eat is Papai’s. Located in Benaulim just by the corner of the road. The food is the type that you just want to dig into and get your hands all messy, from wings drenched in yummy hot sauce to burgers, shawarmas and garlic french fries all full of flavor and spice. I usually head there to get my hands on their wings, they serve them in different styles each having it’s own rich flavor to it. I personally like the Cambodian wings and the Spicy wings, they’re both full of spice and are tangy, hot and scrumptious! Papai’s also serves refreshing minty mojitos and ice tea. They also have a few desserts like the coconut souffle and tiramisu which are also very enticing like the rest of their food. The place is a little shady but the good part is that the pricing is very reasonable and affordable. It’s the perfect place to eat a hell load of food yet not make a hole in your pocket !

Cambodian wings at Papai's
Cambodian wings at Papai’s

A little bit of Kerala brought to a fine dining restaurant in Goa

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Leda’s, a fine dining restaurant in Colva that has a divine ambience accompanied with live music and a satisfying food feast. It’s known for it’s mouth watering succulent steaks, continental food and tempting desserts. Now, there’s a buzz going around about it’s Chicken Ghee Roast served with Appams, something you’d hardly expect to find and a restaurant like this one. But honestly, the chicken ghee roast is one of the best things I’ve ever had. It’s creamy gravy bursting with flavor and and the tender well cooked chicken is so heavenly that it’s already made its way in my favorite food list. The appams are crisp and really delicious. The chicken ghee roast has a similar taste like butter chicken, but it’s better. Something better than BUTTER CHICKEN? Hard to admit but YES. It’s something you must really try, I’m sure most of you will feel like you’ve taken a short trip to Kerala, or maybe heaven.

What, Watson’s ?


Watson’s a fine dining pub imported all the way from Bangalore is located in the capital of Goa, Panaji! Bang in the middle of the city, a pleasant getaway from all that busy traffic. The ambience is very rustic and a chill. Perfect for the Goan crowd, just the way we like it. It’s walls are covered in art and posters that are so unique and intriguing. The lighting is dim and and shady and gives everyone the required privacy they need.

Lighting at Watson's Goa pc - Adrien Menezes

Lighting at Watson’s Goa
pc – Adrien Menezes


Wall Hangings


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They cater more of finger food rather than heavy meals, exactly what pub menus should be like. The food is smothered with spices and flavor. The plating is exquisite and makes you want to dig in real quick. The wings are really delicious and are drizzled in different sauces chosen according to your liking. The prawns are flavorful and tender. The Watson’s non vegetarian platter is also something to get your hands on, it serves mutton, chicken cooked  in different styles. Friday night is Watson’s night for most of the young adults around Goa. Watson’s has itself packed with people everyday and specially during the plenty of events it organizes. If you’re more into pubs than clubs, this is the place to spend your evenings at.


Watson's wings
Watson’s wings















The only ark us Goan’s need to know about, Robin’s Ark!

Robin’s Ark is located on the main road at Mobor, Cavellosim in south Goa. The serene looking restaurant with it’s bright lawn and a little of the sea breeze is a new restaurant but has already made its way to being in the top 50 best restaurants in Goa. The food was just terrific, it had been so long since I liked every single thing I ordered at a restaurant.! So satisfying. The Hawaiian smokey beef on skewers was lip smackingly good, it had little pieces of pineapple and was drenched in a sweet tangy sauce. Batter fried squids, how often is the batter even crispy? to my surprise it was crispy, crunchy and enjoyable. And it was served with a tarter sauce which was delicious as well.

Hawaiian Smokey Beef
Hawaiian Smokey Beef

Something you and I will probably hear of for the first time, ‘hanging  chicken cafreal’ , pieces of chicken cafreal marinated to perfection and hung on a skewer. The chicken was  juicy, tender and mouth watering. The cafreal masala that it was marinated in  had such a bold flavour to it and was one of the best one’s I’ve tasted. Served with fries that hit the mark on the phrase “you can tell how good a restaurant is by their fries”.

Hanging Chicken Cafreal at Robin's Ark
Hanging Chicken Cafreal at Robin’s Ark

Heavenly is too  little to describe how my taste buds felt when I dug into the fettuccine pasta drenched in meat sauce along with meatballs. The steak was cooked  perfectly to my liking and the mushroom sauce complimented it well although the mashed potato and vegetables served with it was quite bland and needed seasoning.

Fettuccine Pasta with meatballs in Meat Sauce
Fettuccine Pasta with meatballs in Meat Sauce
Steak at Robin's Ark
Steak at Robin’s Ark

Last but definitely not the least is a scrumptious Creme Brulee served with a scoop of tender coconut ice cream, it was creamy and light and the caramelized topping could even be cracked, which shows the finesse and skill the chef must have. The service was good too. Overall it was a delightful and satisfying experience, definitely raised the bar for all the other restaurants around Goa, it’s a must go for every one in Goa!

Creme brulee
Creme brulee

Zombies may not be real, but a ZOMBIE BURGER is !

The Zombie Burger
The Zombie Burger

Massive in size and in it’s flavors as well. A twelve inch burger, yes, A TWELVE INCH BURGER! The Zombie Burger is the signature dish at restaurant Cherry Tomato in South Goa. It’s a delicious treat with various elements of one’s favourite foods thrown together to make the “perfect burger”, but the feeling you get when seeing it being brought to you is not delivered once you start digging into it.  The portions are huge, obviously. Although, the best parts are mostly at the beginning and end.  The filling starts of with multiple strips of heavy bacon and cocktail sausages dressed in a chilli mayo dip and jalapenos to savour the first bite. Then a few slices of juicy, mouth watering ham. And here it comes, the unsatisfactory onion rings drowned in oil that force you to get rid of them before you continue eating. They’re followed by frankfurters and a layer of egg to please you for a while until you make your way to the potato sticks that are distasteful and raw.  They did leave the best for last though, with two beef patties that taste like nothing more than heaven.

The burger is the USP of the restaurant hence has a lot of demand, leaving out the distasteful parts would make it not only the USP of the joint but also the perfect burger and the best burger in Goa.